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Food Processing


“Seamlessly integrated into our disinfection routine for equipment entering the critical hygiene environment. Led to an immediate reduction in micro counts on hand held and small electronic equipment…”


– Yashili Dairy



“Because we touch our phones every day, they can be a breeding ground for all sorts of germs and bacteria. The unit’s ultraviolet light emitting technology can sanitize mobile devices in about 30 seconds.”


– Kenmore Mercy Hospital

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The Problem


As Mobile Device Use Grows, So Does The Risk of Bacterial Transmission.


From smartphones to personal items, an average 1 in 4 mobile devices harbor pathogenic bacteria. Chemical wipes aren’t suitable for these devices, so they go un-sanitized, undermining hand hygiene and increasing the risk of cross-contamination.


TWC News

TWC News

“But since a sanitary environment is critical to their work, Mullen says they struggled to find a way to cleanse their phones without damaging them. That is no longer a problem, as Kenmore Mercy has been trying out CleanSlate UV…”



“The CleanSlate UV unit sits at or near nursing stations and allows staff and visitors to clean their mobile devices in between visits with patients. ‘It’s a nice relief to know that we can pop our phone into the device and then go home with a clean phone’…”

NPR Radio

NPR Radio

“In the food processing industry, Mann said there is a particular need due to a gap in sanitary protocols at critical control points. ‘When you come into a food facility, they have these stations where you have to wash your hands […] yet, mobile devices go completely unaddressed.'”

Buffalo News

Buffalo News

“…doctors, nurses, and the public come into contact with patients at risk of infection from bacteria and viruses brought in from the outside. So how do you disinfect a cellphone quickly and easily, without harming the phone?”

CBC News

CBC News

“A device designed to stop germy smartphones from infecting hospital patients with superbugs has won a Toronto startup a $500,000 USD…”

National Post

National Post

“In the average hospital today, one in four portable electronics — thermometer, smartphone — has some form of pathogenic bacteria on it that can lead to hospital wide infections. No one was creating a technology that would allow hospitals to safely use these technologies.”


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